A long ways away from palm trees!

Aside from Petey being born in New Jersey, Florida has been his home since he was 7 and before he met me he basically lived in a swim suit & had never really adventured anywhere else! Last year he got to see Minnesota & Colorado for the first time and it made him fall in love with the mountains, he’s been dying to go hiking since then so for Father’s Day I decided to spend the weekend doing something different than our usual beach trip... 8 hours north of our pretty Florida beaches up to Tallulah State Park in Georgia! 


in order to get down to the suspension bridge overlooking Tallulah Falls we went down about 500 steps (with dom on my back) needless to say I haven’t worked out since before I was pregnant and by the time we got down my legs were shaking so bad,  I was gripping the handrails so tight on the way because I felt like they would give out any second lol I know, I need to get back into shape...but I am SO happy I decided to get this carrier from Happy Baby ... aside from being super cute, they are made to be more comfortable in heat and humidity making them lightweight and breathable which was a life saver because & Dom and I are both sweaty betty’s !


how perfect is that rainbow!? 


Dom truly is a Pisces, salt or freshwater he’s obsessed... he would just stare at the waterfall & if it was just the two of us I could have sat there and stared with him forever ☺️

A few things I took away from this whole experience...

  • Dom hates long car rides & can only watch so many episodes of puppy dog pals back to back before he starts screaming at the top of his lungs or....biting his arm ?
  • baby carriers are a legit life saver, I honestly don’t know why I waited this long to get one & if you want one like ours Happy Baby offers a 5% coupon on their site! 
  • I deff want to go back again when we have more time, I was s little crazy thinking it was a good idea to drive 16 hours in 2 days to hike a park for 2 hours lol whoops
  • This trail is perfect for newbies it was about 2 miles all the way around, but it’s A LOT of stairs... overall I think it’s about 2,000 we didn’t get to do the whole thing because I’m so out of shape lol buttttt overall it was so worth the view!

I’m defiantly looking forward to exploring more places this summer ESPECIALLY BECAUSE MY BFF WILL BE HOME FOR GOOD NEXT WEEK!!!! 

Starry Night Nursery Reveal

Tiny spots round TWO!

Words cannot describe how happy interior design makes me, mix kids decor in that and I am in heaven... If only it could turn into a career! So most of you are familiar with the Monochrome nursery I did back before Dom was born, for those wandering what the F happened to it...we moved back in November and had to leave it behind. However, it was bittersweet because here we are sharing another project with you again!!

I cant say that my planning process was an easy one... last time I knew the theme right away and then just shopped around for decor with that theme in mind. This time around, I knew I wanted to step out of my comfort zone by adding a little more color juussssst a little! lol and of course make it FUN because Dom is such a fun & energetic kid, and he needed a space with a little more spunk. I really wasn't clear on the theme until about a month ago when I stumbled across The Lovely Wall Co and their BEAUTIFUL wall decals. Starry Night was the name of the collection that caught my eye. One thing Petey said he wanted to see in the room were more stars so this one was perfect, so perfect I decided to jack the name for the nursery too lol. 


This corner with the Sprinkle decals is defiantly my favorite, looking at it now I wish i would have done the triangle the opposite way, it would have made for a pretty cute backdrop. This was the first part of the room that we started on and my idea for an accent wall completely changed once i starred at the wall for 5 minutes. We originally were going to make the wall to the left the accent with overlapping squares and i changed my mind last minute. We did the triangle by simply using painters tape to make the lines and then painted along them. small tip: make sure your REALLY press down on the tape so it grabs onto the wall as close as it can, we had a few spots that bled through causing the line to not be so crisp. 

Isn't that little flag garland just THE cutest?! Thats what lead me to a decision on the colors, i absolutely loved the color palate in this garland. (this specific color is sold out but i did tag one that is similar) I may snag a few more because I think it looks lonely by itself. I recently discovered Scandiborn and made it my new go-to for kids stuff, literally everything is so cute & unique. I am SO excited to say that i will be giving away one of their beanbags that you all were in love with so stay tuned for that! 


Im sure you've noticed by now but I have a strong love for Babyletto furniture, for this room I knew I wanted a bookshelf because Dom LOVES his books, like really loves them... maybe it has something to do with the fact that I started reading to him when he was 3 days old? He was mesmerized...(lmk if you wanna see the pic from that moment lol its super cute) we have moments where we leave him playing in his room and all of a sudden he is so quiet... we go to see what he's doing and he is literally just looking at his books by himself, it melts my heart! Start reading to your babes young!


UM how about these rugs from Kroma Carpets ... they are machine washable! Perrrrfect for your little monsters & their messes! 


We are renting the house we are in so we unfortunately wont get to enjoy this space for very long.. this was a big factor in the whole design process because i wanted to do something fun but also didn't want to do anything too permanent and the fact that the decals are removable was a game changer, i can even save some for the next room if i wanted! 

I loved creating this space, it was so cute to watch Dom walk into it for the first time... I should have recorded it! This has definitely become a new passion of mine, I plan on sharing all of the spaces I design & hope you will all follow along and be inspired to create your own.

Don't forget to find me on Instagram @betweenthebabes and enter my GIVEAWAY, one person will win some of the items featured in this room!!  You can also find exclusive coupons & links to most of the items in the room below as well as the paint color i used, keep in mind these photos were taken in low light so a little editing had to be done to brighten the room up a bit so the paint does look a little lighter than it is in real life. 

Check out my project nursery post as well!  https://projectnursery.com/projects/starry-night/



Furniture by BABYLETTO: Bookshelf / Dresser / Crib 

Removable wall decals by THE LOVELY WALL CO *enter my IG giveaway for a chance to win $100 shop credit: Sprinkles / Stars / Giant Trees / Starry Night Forest

All of the wall prints are by DESENIO if you haven't been to the site you MUST check it out, there is a print literally for ANY type of theme you are going for, their selection is amazing! Use the code STARRYNIGHT at checkout for 25% off posters valid 3/8/18 (excludes handpicked posters and frames): Moon & Back / Graphic Planets / Dont Grow Up / Alphabet / Polygon Bear / Little Man Cave

Check out Scandiborn for EVERYTHING kids decor, theres even a little bit for mom & dad. *enter my IG giveaway for a chance to win a bean bag!: Bean Bag Chair / Ball PitGarland / Owl Cushion / Bunny Cushion

For all of your monochrome obsessions...GAUTIER STUDIO: Hamper / Wooden Blocks / Panda Cushion / Height Chart

Light up your life with A LITTLE LOVELY COMPANY check out their super sale going on now: Cloud light / Mini Bunny Light

Machine washable fur rugs by KROMA CARPETS use Coupon: NURSERYREVEAL10OFF for 10% off: Star / Cloud 

The coolest fitted crib sheets by ROOKIE HUMANS. Use STARRYNIGHT for 20% off on rookiehumans.com, expires March 31, 2018. *enter my IG giveaway for a chance to win a sheet of your choice!

Shelves & little black forest animals from IKEA

Fox head from TARGET

Paint color: Sherwin-Williams 6192 Coastal Plain