Mom Gang

Guys! I cannot stress enough how important it is for us moms to surround ourselves with other moms. Now, I am not by any means talking about pushing away your girlfriends who aren't, and sometimes that sadly just happens naturally and you know what... whatever, its life. From the day i became pregnant, friendships started to change... girls that I was best friends with in high school who i'd thought would be there for my baby shower didn't show and have never shown interest in meeting Dom, and others have grown distant simply because we just have completely different lives now. I let it get me down for a little but theres really no reason, we grow up people change, friends become strangers you weed out the handful of ones that matter and you just keep going. 

We are growing up in a time where social media literally runs the world and has an influence on EVERYTHING. Good and bad, and when thinking of my children and their future and how social media is going to continue to mold and control parts of their lives I am terrified. However, I can say that one of the biggest advantages I have found in social media is the power it has to bring us all together. We all have the means of following the lives of people who may inspire us, help us, teach us, or simply just make us laugh until we pee our pants. I am beyond grateful for this, i've been introduced to so many amazing women who I refer to as my 'mom friends' and others like Lauren McBride and Courtney Sheilds who i secretly wish i could be biffs with ;) lol. Being able to follow and be a part of this community of moms supporting moms has helped me so much during my first 10 months of this new life and I couldn't be more thankful for everything I have learned. 


But what I'm EVEN MORE thankful for are the moms i have right here in my life every day, when i found out I was pregnant I was literally like SHIT what am I going to do without having my best friend here everyday to do this with me?! Luckily I had my cousin Katie, and then my friend Shelby & being pregnant at the same time brought us super close! I know I'm rambling but lately I've felt very grateful for these ladies, so the moral of this post is.. HOLD THOSE WOMEN CLOSE & if you don't have one, ill tag some of my favorites below for you to follow! Because it makes this whole #momlife that much easier knowing you've got someone going through the same shit (pun intended) as you :D 

Top: Target // Pants: American Eagle // Shoes: Adidas 

Top: Target // Pants: American Eagle // Shoes: Adidas 

Top: Saboskirt // Shoes: Missguided 

Top: Saboskirt // Shoes: Missguided 

Both babes are wearing  Zara  

Both babes are wearing Zara 

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@shelbylaurin if you like me you will like her

@whereweadventure makes you wanna travel

@izzyrose so unique and down to earth

@danetab theeee prettiest pictures

@laurmcbrideblog hilarious, we share the same sense of humor 

@courtney_shields she will bring so much positivity to your life

@realmamalifee her name explains it all  

@mintedmethod got her own decor shop with all the goods

@kristenn.gonzalez makeup goals, probz be besties if we lived close

@brookeevictoria sista from anotha mista *really

@cucci_five your stay at home pediatrician. But for realz, if your kids sick she knows the drill