A long ways away from palm trees!

Aside from Petey being born in New Jersey, Florida has been his home since he was 7 and before he met me he basically lived in a swim suit & had never really adventured anywhere else! Last year he got to see Minnesota & Colorado for the first time and it made him fall in love with the mountains, he’s been dying to go hiking since then so for Father’s Day I decided to spend the weekend doing something different than our usual beach trip... 8 hours north of our pretty Florida beaches up to Tallulah State Park in Georgia! 


in order to get down to the suspension bridge overlooking Tallulah Falls we went down about 500 steps (with dom on my back) needless to say I haven’t worked out since before I was pregnant and by the time we got down my legs were shaking so bad,  I was gripping the handrails so tight on the way because I felt like they would give out any second lol I know, I need to get back into shape...but I am SO happy I decided to get this carrier from Happy Baby ... aside from being super cute, they are made to be more comfortable in heat and humidity making them lightweight and breathable which was a life saver because & Dom and I are both sweaty betty’s !


how perfect is that rainbow!? 


Dom truly is a Pisces, salt or freshwater he’s obsessed... he would just stare at the waterfall & if it was just the two of us I could have sat there and stared with him forever ☺️

A few things I took away from this whole experience...

  • Dom hates long car rides & can only watch so many episodes of puppy dog pals back to back before he starts screaming at the top of his lungs or....biting his arm ?
  • baby carriers are a legit life saver, I honestly don’t know why I waited this long to get one & if you want one like ours Happy Baby offers a 5% coupon on their site! 
  • I deff want to go back again when we have more time, I was s little crazy thinking it was a good idea to drive 16 hours in 2 days to hike a park for 2 hours lol whoops
  • This trail is perfect for newbies it was about 2 miles all the way around, but it’s A LOT of stairs... overall I think it’s about 2,000 we didn’t get to do the whole thing because I’m so out of shape lol buttttt overall it was so worth the view!

I’m defiantly looking forward to exploring more places this summer ESPECIALLY BECAUSE MY BFF WILL BE HOME FOR GOOD NEXT WEEK!!!!