Shop Of The Month: Minted Method Shop!

Hey guys! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and HAPPY BFCM WEEKEND!!! Unfortunately i cannot splurge on deals this year due to the fact that we just recently moved into our first home together as a family.. so as much as i would love to go absolutely CRAZY snagging some good deals, mama's gotta control herself.

BUT that doesn't mean I cant help burn a hole in YOUR wallets.. teehee :D

I get many comments & messages from you all everyday asking where we shop and usually you can simply click my photos and see the tags but I really wanted to brag about a few so I've decided to do a Shop Of The month post to show off some of my favorite places to snag some cute stuff!


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I just cant even handle Dom in this outfit.. that bomber jacket is literally the cutest thing in the world... Bobby G is the brand and the quality of the fabric is amazing... i want a pair of those green pants for myself! I first came across MMS a few months before I even found out I was pregnant, we had been waiting for the day to come for a while and I had already started saving different shops I loved to prepare for when the day actually came lol. Fast forward to now & it is hands down my absolute FAVE place to shop ! I love the wide variety they offer from the best brands, EVERY single piece of clothing we have received is such great quality i'm always impressed, and the fact that the shop is completely endorsed by other blogger moms is amazing because DUH, real moms! Thanks to the power of social media not only did I manage to fuel my addiction to children's clothes.. but I met a new friend Sasha the shop owner, she's literally the sweetest thing and has the most handsome little guy.. I die over his face everyday ! 

Black Friday weekend 10%-70% off! 

Everything Dom is wearing is at MMS and on SALE *excluding the boots

Getting your kid on the best dressed list isn't the only thing MMS is good for...they've got a great selection of things from Home Decor to Adult clothing & accessories with a steady flow of new items every week and the occasional flash sales.

I know a lot of you follow me because of Dom's nursery design so this ones for you ! She's even got an Interior design service called ACCESS its an interior design subscription that gives parents direct access to an interior designer who will answer any questions about their baby or child’s room project.

Theres a little bit for everyone and they've made it even easier to shop with their new mobile app ! Apple users can download it in the app store & it will be coming to Google Play soon! 

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