We May need a little help!

If you know me or you’ve been following for a while, you can clearly tell we live in a warm place.. Florida to be exact. Petey and I have been here since we were 7 years old which is basically our whole lives but we were both born up north. Washington DC for me, Petey from New Jersey.. having that said it’s been a long.. long time since we have been in weather below 30 degrees. 


Grid dress: Minted Method Shop  


Denim hat:  Kinship Cap Co.


Sunnies: Quay Australia // locals, pick them up @  Influence    !    

Sunnies: Quay Australia // locals, pick them up @ Influence   ! 



Okay, so to my point of this post... in December we will be spending a week with my family in Minnesota! My dad has asked me every year, for the past 7 years or so to come out for Christmas and I always laugh and tell him to come here lol well you know how having a kid goes... it changes everything! So now we are DYING to take Dom so he can play in snow for the first time 😬 


Now I know how to dress for Florida winter but I have a strong feeling I’m really not prepared for how cold it will be in Minnesota, not to mention how to dress Dom, so we need your help!. Petey thinks he’s just going to bring his sweatpants and be set, this guy can’t even handle water that’s below 70 degrees and was blasting the heat 2 weeks ago during our ‘cold front’. (Cough) it was 60 degrees....


Let us know your MUST haves for surviving the snow, what do we NEED to stay warm yet comfy. And most important where are the best places to find cute/affordable stuff for Dom! What are long johns ? And do we need them ?! Lmao we are depending on you guys 🖤


ps! If anyone is from Minneapolis we would love suggestions for fun things to do in the city !  


Xo the babes