Weekend Recap

Welcome to the best 3 months of the year!! We've already got the cinnamon broom by the front door and although its officially Fall... it sure as hell doesn't feel like it in Florida. It makes me so excited for our trip to Minnesota in December so that Dom can see snow for the first time....Anyways, I figured I would recap what we did this weekend in a post since I had so many photos I wanted to share so this wont be your typical single subject post... im kinda going all over the place.

Fridays are just for being lazy... these days rushing home after work only to get in my Pj's and just melt into my bed with the boys to watch movies is literally my favorite thing.


Now that I think of it idk what i'm even talking about because every single night I look forward to just laying in bed with him... Im one of those who anticipates Christmas once Oct starts and my fave movie to watch with him lately is the Peanut's Movie.. needless to say this is exactly what we did. all. night.  

Booties:  Aldo  // Dress:  ViciCollection  // Bag: Vince Camuto

Booties: Aldo // Dress: ViciCollection // Bag: Vince Camuto

This Saturday was for the girls.... Please ignore the hideous color my hair is fading into.. getting a fresh dye next week! Ive been longing for some serious baby free girl time lately. I met up with Ashley & Joelle, to have lunch at Brio ... if you've never had the strawberry chicken salad you haveeee to try it the next time you go! And id like to know why I was the ONLY one with a glass of wine?! while they drank freaking coffee (insert eye roll) what the hell is that?! You better believe i'm having a glass of wine if I'm off Dom-less. Needless to say we have made a plan to have a #girlboss night once a week to work on our own personal projects while drinking wine:)


Later that night Petey, Dom & I went to my mama's house. I was watching the Today Show the other morning and they mentioned a recipe contest.. all I heard was "win a trip to Napa" and I immediately told my mom and she was like YEESSSSSSS were doing it! lol my mom and I have always really enjoy cooking together, my siblings and I grew up in a household where we always had home cooked meals so we all have a little bit of skill when it comes to the kitchen and it really is therapeutic for me. If you are interested in entering the contest ... check it out!

Even meal prepping for Dom is something I really don't mind doing, even though it takes forever which brings me to the other thing i was cooking up while helping mama with her dish. I received the BEABA Baby Cook back before Dom could even eat solids and I had been dying to start using it. Im sure you've seen it on my stories.. This thing is amazing! It makes prepping his food so so easy and not to mention even better for your babe because everything is fresh, and you know EXACTLY what you are giving them. 


Now I am by NO means judging if you feed your babe canned food. Do you mama, your baby is alive and well and thats all that matters. BUT do this little test for me one day... get a jar of the pureed baby peas, like Gerber or one of the popular ones. Then buy some frozen peas, cook & blend them up into a puree (add water if needed). Now taste the jarred peas, then taste the peas you made and tell me the ones you made don't taste 100000 times better. For those who hate veggies... peas are actually sweet but those peas you get in the jars are NOT they literally taste like caca... don't you want your little one eating yummy stuff too!? This is the PERFECT time to snag a baby cook because they are offering 15% off of any order! Code: FALL15

Dom is 27 weeks tomorrow ... seriously WHERE does time go!? So far he has eaten Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Apples, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin, Chicken, Carrots, Strawberries, Bananas, he loves them ALL and this week we made a Chicken + Black Bean + Apple puree. All in all it probably takes me about 25 minutes to prep all of the food.. depending on how many different things I have to steam. But the process is so easy & i've gotten all of my food ideas from the Real Baby Food book. 


Aren't they so HANDSOME?! Sunday's have always been my personal favorite day of the week .. they are literally meant for Brunch, mimosas, and enjoying the outdoors. Thats exactly how we spent our day! attending a beautiful family wedding, and I've gotta say ... brunch weddings are THE best. Every wedding I have been to has been the traditional starts around 5 and goes late into the night but THIS trend is so much better! When the day comes... I think Petey and I agree we really like the idea, Except there will be a mountain of doughnuts ... not a cake lmao. I wish i would have taken more photos of the food and other things but I guess I was too busy stuffing my fat face lol

My Go-To Diaper bag //  Pacapod

My Go-To Diaper bag // Pacapod

This dress literally made for THE perfect wedding attire. Im obsessed and want one in every color .. they no longer have this print but they constantly come out with new products daily and have different color options to choose from. I cant even keep track of how many weddings we have been to over the past year, we have three more between now and February! Ive really taken a liking to coordinating our outfits for special events. Of course Dom steals the show every time, i cant handle him !!!

Outfit:  Bardot Junior

what did you guys do this weekend?!